Friday, February 8, 2013

C4T Assignment

Do You Trust Students?

Micheal Kaechele's blog us frequently updated with a variety of ideas and opinions. The first blog I read was about trusting students. He had giving the class a project on the Cold War and Vietnam War. He discussed the details of the projects and what he expected them to accomplish. Kaechele was blown away by some of his students creativity. For expample, some students used a temporary wall to draw scenes for their video project. He talked about struggling with letting them go and hoping that they would use their time wisely. Most teachers can probably agree that they struggle with the same problem and I most likely will too in the future.

Why Teach Primary Sources?

Kaechele's second post I read was about an argument of why to teach primary sources. Sometimes primary sources can be difficult for students. Often they use high vocabulary and complex sentences that students may not understand. What Kaechele is trying to say is there is no harm in using a video as an source as long as the students understand the topic and get answers right during a discussion.

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