Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Post #4


Langwitches is a perfect example on who to create a functional podcast. The podcast has the students reading "Dinosaurs Before Dark." It a shows the students following along to each others voices. This seems to keep their attention as they wait to hear their own voice and if one student gets off track there is sound at the end of each chapter to get them back on track. Having students create podcast is a great way to keep them being a creative. It is also a easy way to introduce them to technology.

Podcasting with First Graders

The first graders in the blog heard the second grade's podcast and wanted their own too. During that time the class was reading a book from the Magic Tree House Series, one of my favorite when I was there age. They were recorded doing a Q&A with the main characters. The sentences that the students are suppose to read help in reading comprehension skills. The students seemed to be excited using the podcast, even if they did not realize that they were learning. I probably would had enjoyed making an podcast when I was that age too.

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is a great idea because it helps students realize how big and different the world is. The students get to pick a location of their choosing and have to research on it; then write a short script on it. Not only does Flat Stanley show students culture, geographical differences of the world but help them in their reading and writing skills. I would love to use this in my class one day!


  1. "...when I was there age." their, not there

    "...making an podcast..." a, not an

    " I would love to use this in my class one day!" Will you?

  2. How are you going to use these tools in your classroom? Will your students make their own podcast?

  3. Hey Brody!
    Good post addressing all of the points from the assignment. A few suggestions are to watch the spelling and grammar in your post and I would elaborate a little more for this post. Remember the focus of the blog is to learn how to use it for your classroom, so go ahead and say HOW you would use it in YOUR classroom!