Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post 15- Final Reflection

Looking back at my first blog post there is something that jumps out of me. I said that my students will learn by memorization. Dr. Strange taught us that the "burpback method" is no longer acceptable nor useful. True the subjects I will teach, Social Science, is a lot of memorizing facts but I want my students to enjoy learning and retain it. I plan to teach Secondary education and if my students were anything like me, they will be bored of the same boring lectures. I want to find new and creative ways to teach my students!

I am still a neat and organized person, so using a blog will be perfect for me. I can post syllabus, notes, etc., for my students and use less paper. I will like to use a SmartBoard for my lectures in class, my students would not be able to read my hand writing! I loved using the green screen and would like to use it in a big "end of the year" project. In reality all the tools and technology we used this semester can all be used in a classroom. The job as a teacher is the find which one is best suitable for the students.