Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special Blog Assignment #1


Population of India: 1.21 billion
Population of China: 1.35 billion
Population of USA: 309 million

It is estimated that 300 million people in China speak English and 18 million are learning. If those people are successful then there will be 318 million people in China that would be able to speak English. As stated above, there is 309 million people in America, so there would be more Chinese-English speaking people in China than the entire population of our country.

Using WolframAlpha, I found that Georgia's population two times the size of Alabama's population. Last year, Georgia had a population of 4.8 million and Alabama had a population of 9.8 million. Alabama had a lower annual death rate then Georgia, 46,977 to 67,808. But, Georgia's annual birth rate is greater than Alabama; 148,633 to 63,232. Both death and birth rates are from 2006, so the numbers today are slightly different.

WolframAlpha would be a great tool to use in a classroom. It can be used in any subject. A student can look up information for a math information or famous painting.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

It was crazy to see the Social Media Count by Gary Hayes. Our society today wants all our info as soon as possible. Facebook and Twitter is unfourtnatly leading the way in getting us our information. Anyone can make statement and people will take it as the truth. Trying to keep up with all the info can be difficult.

I believe that this astrounding rate will only increase. I will have to keep up with the pace during my career. I want to keep my students up to date at all times. If people think that today's youth is fast pace generation, the future generations will be even faster in getting their information.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog Post #2

Did You Know? 3.0- John Strange 2012 Version

As I began to watch the video, I found it difficult to wrap my brain around the numbers. It is hard to believe with all the early learning tools and programs in our country that our honor students would be outnumbered by India's honor students. Another mind blowing fact from the video is that "by 2025 the number of English-speaking Chinese is likely to exceed the number of native English speakers in the rest of the world." To my understanding, English is one of the easiest languages to learn and that is one of the reasons you see it all over the world.

Every day I continue to be amazed by all the technology we use every day. We live in the Information Age, at all times of the day people are finding new ways to interact with others. We have Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, text messages, etc; to communicate with each other. It is interesting to me to think how many people today have social anxiety and that it probably was not as common ten-fifteen years ago.

I wonder what technology I will use in my classroom ten years from now. Will the classroom still consist of smart boards and projectors or will there be some new technology that we have never heard of come available. Whether its new or old technology, I will be ready to prepare my students with the obstacles that lay ahead of them.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

This is a great funny video. It showed how our society has evolved technologically and our schools have been left on the back burner. This may be one of many reasons some countries honor students outnumber ours. The blame can be dished to our politicians and the schools themselves. Politicians today are cutting funds for schools that would allow them to afford better computers and other technology for the classroom. Some teachers can be blamed also. Some do not try to learn the new technology and refuse to use new methods of teaching.

Our schools must do a better job in funding and showing teachers how to use the technology. The latter, I believe, will fade out in the coming years. While old style teachers begin to retire, new teachers will replace them that know different methods of teaching and will be able to use new technology.

Sir Ken Robinson

I really enjoyed Ken Robinson on creativity. I believe creativity is very important in our lives. Living in the Information Age we are finding new ways to acquire knowledge. If we are educating children out of their creativity, then how will they ever take a chance to learn? Art has declined over the years and is not an importance in our school systems. A degree in art is not worth much in today's world, I think it is a shame.

I think it is very important to refocus ourselves on creativity. I struggle to come up with a reason because I was taught to be correct. We need to rethink our use of creativity and not downplay it. People say money is what makes the world go round, but I believe creativity does. If it was not for people's creativity then there would there would be no need for this EDM 310 class.


The article on how to use Pinterest in education is very useful. It can be used by teachers or students. Teachers can share lesson plans or ways to teach a subject. Students can find pictures or videos that may help on a certain project. Pinterest is very simple and well organized. That is why it would be a good tool for a teacher to remember when they are in the classroom.

Out of 20 best Pinterest boards, I picked Educational Technology. I believe this is the best board for a teacher in today's classroom to find new and creative ways to use technology. For example, I never thought of using a fake text app would be useful in a classroom. iFake Text can be used for History, English, and many other subjects.

Project #2 Wordle

Brody's Wordle

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Post #1

Hey everyone! As you may know, my name is William Brown, but I go by my middle name Brody. I am from a small town in north Alabama called Arab, just south of Huntsville. I double major in Social Science and History of Secondary Education. My favorite of the two is History because the subject has interested my since an early age and I've had several teacher influences in the subject. I decided to attend USA after two years at Auburn University for several reasons. One major reason was to be closer to my girlfriend, Taylor. I also have family in the area and they are very important in my life.

I have a close relationship with my family. I have two older brothers, the oldest lives in Marietta, Ga. and the other lives with me in Daphne. My parents are no longer together, they divorced when I was younger. My mother still lives in my hometown and my father lives in Okeechobee, Fl. I feel in love with History in 6th grade, I had an excellent teacher who showed me that learning could be fun. My grandmother was a teacher for a number of years and everyone who had her always said she was the best teacher they had. You could say she is my role model as a teacher because she helped so many students lives.

My Classroom
I plan on teaching high school in subjects that fall under Social Science. I aim to make my class fun and exciting, that means I will have to make my teaching style fun and exciting. I will always have to up beat and exciting while I teach my students.

As I previously stated, my students will be in high school, their ages will range from about 14 to 18 years. I cannot tell you how they will learn, but I will teach them ways I used when I was their age. Most of the material covered in Social Science can be studied by note or flash cards. I believe that is the easiest way to memorize the people, terms, dates, etc.

In the learning process, I will use several tools to help my students. I will use power points during my class discussions to help the students keep up. Then I will email the power points to the students or printout the notes for the ones that may not have an email. I am not a big fan of textbooks, but I do know I will be forced to issue them in a public high school. I would also like to issue secondary books that would fit the topic, to help the students understand the topic better.

I am a very neat an organized person and my classroom will reflect that. However I do not want to be a teacher who doesn't allow food or drinks into the classroom, I will expect my students to pick up after themselves. I would like my classroom to be a good atmosphere for my students. I hope to have up to date technology in the room, but I know that will most likely be up to the school system financial means.

Randy Pausch on Time Management
The first thing I learned from Dr. Pausch's video is goal setting. When setting a goal you need to ask why you are doing it instead of just doing it. Next, is to ask yourself what is the goal and how do you get to it. Third, you need to ask yourself what happens if I do not accomplish the goal? Will you be punished for not doing the goal or would it go by unnoticed? The next thing I understood from the video, is not to focus on doing things right, Pausch thinks that can be very dangerous. It is much more important to do the right things than to do the wrong things beautifully.

Another key topic in the video is experience. It is very valuable and there is no easy way to get it. Meaning that experience comes from bad judgment and it is important to remember when things are going bad you gaining experience. The topic of planning is important also. It has to be done in multiple levels. For someone that is academics the levels may consist of what is needed to be done today, this week, and this semester. It is important to know that a plan will sometimes have to changed and you can't change it if you don't have one! To do list are good for when you have a lot on your plate. It helps to get the ball rolling and get your goals accomplished. The thing to remember with to do list is to start with the worst thing first.