Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog Post 14

2.)The article talks about how the program works and it gives the details of how it's used in a classroom with Mr. Guardia. It's being implemented by schools like Texas A&M. It is said that it is Big Brother watching you all over again, but with good intentions. They idea is that professors are able to look at their student's effort. They are given an digital textbook that has software to allow the teacher to see if the student has read it or not.

3.)As a teacher I love the idea. I would be able to track my student's effort on their work. If a student came to me saying they did not understand the material, I could just check to see if he or she had read it. I would probably less lenient on a student if I know they are reading the material and are trying.

4.)But as a student I probably wouldn't like it as much. I wouldn't have much wiggle room if I was to ask my teacher for extra credit when I he or she knows I haven't read all semester. I would definitely try and read a lot more if I knew the teacher could track my efforts.

5.)Questions for the teacher:
Do you like this technology?
Is more beneficial in a small or larger classroom?
Do you think this will help students?
Will you use this in the future?

6.)Questions for a student:
Do you like this technology?
Does it bother you knowing that your teacher is paying a close eye on you?
Does it make you nervous?
Will you try and read more?
Do you even benefit from reading a text book?

7.) I think there are both pros and cons to this technology. First I think it can be positive in changing some students study behavior. Knowing that the teacher can see if he or she read can have a effect. But I think it will have students nervous and always "looking behind them" and afraid of what the teacher might think of them not reading. Some students do better from not reading a text book.

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