Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special Blog Assignment #1


Population of India: 1.21 billion
Population of China: 1.35 billion
Population of USA: 309 million

It is estimated that 300 million people in China speak English and 18 million are learning. If those people are successful then there will be 318 million people in China that would be able to speak English. As stated above, there is 309 million people in America, so there would be more Chinese-English speaking people in China than the entire population of our country.

Using WolframAlpha, I found that Georgia's population two times the size of Alabama's population. Last year, Georgia had a population of 4.8 million and Alabama had a population of 9.8 million. Alabama had a lower annual death rate then Georgia, 46,977 to 67,808. But, Georgia's annual birth rate is greater than Alabama; 148,633 to 63,232. Both death and birth rates are from 2006, so the numbers today are slightly different.

WolframAlpha would be a great tool to use in a classroom. It can be used in any subject. A student can look up information for a math information or famous painting.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

It was crazy to see the Social Media Count by Gary Hayes. Our society today wants all our info as soon as possible. Facebook and Twitter is unfourtnatly leading the way in getting us our information. Anyone can make statement and people will take it as the truth. Trying to keep up with all the info can be difficult.

I believe that this astrounding rate will only increase. I will have to keep up with the pace during my career. I want to keep my students up to date at all times. If people think that today's youth is fast pace generation, the future generations will be even faster in getting their information.

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